What is a Mastermind?

Mastermind groups bring together a number of different areas to develop those people within it such as:

  • education
  • peer accountability
  • support within the group
  • brainstorming

What makes a successful mastermind?

N    opportunity to come together with peers

N    the mastermind setting supports all members to achieve success

N    members hold each other accountable

a strong and committed facilitator

N     committed members who show up and willingly both give and receive support

Which of our Masterminds is right for you?

The Rising Star Mastermind is for just that, those people in your organisation who have management and leadership potential but are not quite at that level yet.

The Elevate Mastermind is for current managers in your organisation who are ready to transition to being a leader.

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From Our Clients

The proof always comes from our happy clients. Take a read of what they have to say.

Adam always helps me to speak frankly and has supported me to be able to have difficult conversations that have gone on to have positive outcomes. Adam doesn’t let me be led by the lies I tell myself, he helps you to face all the inner challenges you are scared to face and helps you find a way out that is both safe and true to your deepest values.

Davide Pagnotta

Co-Founder, Wise Humanity

Adam helps to explore what’s really going on and work to overcome the challenge or issue. Adam has helped me over the last three years become more inward looking to explore what I really want. Without Adam’s frank questioning I wouldn’t be in the stable and strong space I am now. He finds the right questions to help you find your own answers and one of his greatest strengths is that he never gives you the answers.

Alison Parker